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There are a lot of tutorials on the web claiming to teach you varios things but few of them really delve in the proccess or learning and teach you in a logicall, step by step way. We want to change that by being a one stop resource to learn everything about your chosen activity. We have extensive courses that take you through the proccess step by step to ensure you learn in a safe and productve way.

Our Activities

We are still curating our content and making sure it is the best resource for you to learn something new. Below is what we have and what will be coming soon

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  • Skydiving
  • Hiking
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Our Awesome Resources

Learning a new sport can be a dificult and sometimes painfull experience, here we aim to make the proccess simple and effective to get you from a beginner.

Video Content

Do you learn well from watcing? Get access to top quality video tutorials, all our videos are designed to maximise your learning by telling you exactly what you need to know in the simplest way.

Full Writeups

We have full writeups and extensive guides covering all aspects of the sports. If you learn from reading or even have bad internet you can get stuck into our tutorials.

Audio content

If you are on the on the mountain and out and about, or just prefer to listen, we have audio trick guides to help you learn right where you need it, when you need it.


Coming soon is an app so you can get your fix and refresh what you learned anywhere you want. All our content is fully optimised for Mobile devices

We don't just teach you to learn a new skill, we help you through learning every aspect of the sport


"Try to learn something about everything and everything about something" - Thomas Huxley

Gear Guides

When learning a new sport you can often expect to have to buy a lot of new kit to get started which can be expensive. We have extensive, non-bias guides to take you through what you need and what you should avoid so you can save money and get the right stuff first time

Quick tips

All out tutorials are written by experienced instructors and we have loads of handy tips that we find really help people when learning

Become an Instructor

Love the sport you do? Many people strive to have a job doing what they love, we take you through the proccess of becoming an instructor and getting a dream job in the industry

Trick/Termonology Guides

There is often a lot new jargon that comes with learning a new sport. Weather it be the technical terms for things or the difference between hitting a rail frontside or backside, we have you covered so you know whats what

Your Questions

On all of our tutorials and guides we have a questions section which are followed by our instructors so if it is a great question, you can get help from us direct and help us make our tutorials better!

Does does this mean I don't have to get an instructor?

There is no denying that 1 to 1 training from an experienced instructor isn't the best way to learn, but we know that there is much more that just what you can learn in a couple of hours, days, or even a week from an instructor. We build on what you learn with a wider view on the sport and we suppliment that training with new ideas and ways to learn. We also know some people cannot afford to or dont want to get an instructor, this resource will really help you get started on your own.