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Knowing First aid is literally a lifesaver when out and about in the outdoors. Our course is specifically degigned to teach you everything you need to know to deal with a first aid situation. Weather you are in a city or on the mountains, our modular training teaches you the skills you need to deal with an emergancy.

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It is often years between completing first aid courses, Here is a perfect place to brush up on everything you have learned and keep up to date with current practices. Use is as a reference or complete the whole course! Keey yoursep in the know.

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John SMith

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What to expect from being a member

Quick, to the point, immformative videos

Our course is designed with different modules and lessons designed to teach you exactly what you want to know, without the extra fluff. This means you can learn quicker and easier.

Learn When you want

With 12 months access to out content you can start, stop, repeat, and go at whatever pace you like. Our course will let you see what you have done, what you need to do and what to do next.

Monthly Scenario to keep it all fresh

We send out monthly real world scenarios that will test your ability to handle a situation you could come across. This will help act quickly and confidently when you need to. It will also test your first aid knowledge so you know if there is anything you need to brush up on for that situation.

Stay in the Know

Keep up to date with the latest news and practices with our articles and monthly email. Know when best practices change plus get extra tips and tricks that you may find usefull.

Personalised course

When you become a member you will have your own dashboard that you can see your progress in each of your modules. You can then pick up where you left off or start something new. We continually assess you with mini quizes and tests so you can track your progress.

Ask A question

If you are not sure on anything in the course then just ask us at the bottom of any lesson and get a quick professional response.

Cheap and Easy

Our course is designed to be easy and affordable so that everyone has a chance to get trained up, much cheaper than re-doing a conventional course and you can do it in your own time!

100% money Back Guarentee

If you don't find the course usefull, we promise to give you a full refund!

We teach in modules - so you can complete the course at your own pace

A recent statistic, released by St John’s Ambulance, has revealed that 140’000 people die each year in the UK from incidents where first aid could of possibly saved their lives.

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