When navigating a route you separate the route into shorter, more manageable legs. Each leg has a start point and leads to an identifiable point on the map. This point is known as an Attack Point.

Attack points can be as far or as close as you like. In theory, you can make an attack point as far as you can see on that day which could be kilometres away. Generally, however, the closer an attack point is the safer it is as there is less that can go wrong on a shorter leg.

If you pick an attack point that is way in the distance then you need to think about the terrain that you are going over. Are you going to be going into a valley and possibly lose sight of your original attack point? Maybe the weather turns and cloud obstructs the view of your end point. For these reasons, even on a day with great visibility, I will create an attack point much closer than I can see just in case I loose site of it. It is also good when you are learning to get used to creating lots of short legs and practising on short easy to navigate legs.

I would use an attack point of fewer than 500 meters even on a good day. On a bad weather day or in fog then the attack point can be as little as 5-10m away. If you are navigating dangerous terrain such as around cliffs, then it is also a good idea to shorten your legs to 10-30m. This will help you navigate the terrain safely.

Using an Attack Point

  1. Find a point on the Map that is in your route and that you can see on the land ahead of you. Remember to think about how far away this attack point should be so that you can get to it easily.
  2. Walk to that point and repeat for the next one.
  3. Keep an eye on the attack point as you are walking, if you think you may loose sight of it then it could be an idea to find a new attack point to work from.

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