Handrails are the safest form of travel and they are particularly useful in poor or low visibility. A Handrail is a Linear feature on the map and ground that you can follow to your next attack point.

They can be anything including:

  • Paths, Tracks and Roads
  • Fences
  • Walls
  • River beds
  • Ridges
  • Powerlines
  • Edge of Woods

These can all be great things to use as a navigational aid because when following something you are much less likely to go off track and get lost.

That being said you do still have to be aware of where you are and how far you should be following the feature. It can be very easy to get complacent and lose concentration which may lead to you going off track without realising. For instance, you could be following a river and it may split if you are not concentrating then you could follow around to the wrong river and be heading completely off track. Similarly, with a path, there could be little paths and tracks coming off which without concentrating you could easy take a wrong one and head the wrong way.

So although Handrails are a really safe way of getting from a to b they require you to stay on point. So remember to keep checking your distance and direction to keep on track.

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