Leapfrogging is a technique which is particularly useful when in poor visibility or at night. It is basically the process of using another person to be your attack point on each leg. The advantage of this is that your attack point can be as close to you as you need so even in the worst visibility you have a feature to work from.

  1. Set the bearing of your leg.
  2. One person should then walk out roughly on that bearing, continually looking back to check they are still visible.
  3. Just before the limit of visibility they should stop and look at you.
  4. Signal using your arms if they need to move left or right and when they are in the right place. Both hands in the air is a good signal that they are in the right place.
  5. Walk to them and continue past until you are near the limit of visibility again .
  6. Use the same bearing but turn it round to create a back bearing from your helper. Use this back bearing to position yourself in line with them.
  7. Repeat this till your next checkpoint.

In bad conditions, this can be a slow and tedious task but it is the best way to walk along a bearing in poor conditions whilst accounting for drift and keeping you in the right line.

If you are on your own then you can do the same thing but use a small but prominent feature as your person and work from back bearings.

  1. Place a stick or rock or something you will be able to clearly see and recognise in the ground at your location.
  2. Take a bearing on the direction of travel.
  3. Turn it round to create a back bearing towards your feature.
  4. Use the feature to adjust your position so that you are in line with the feature on the right bearing.
  5. Repeat this till your next checkpoint.

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