Performing a Slope aspect is one of the most powerful techniques to work out or confirm your current location. Because no slope is the same you can use its features to work out which slope you are on and where.

  1. Face down the hill
  2. Take a bearing directly down the fall line of the slope, accounting for magnetic declination.
  3. Put the compass on the map in the rough area that you are and align the vertical lines on the compass base with the grid lines on the map.
  4. Move the compass around until you find a slope where the contours are exactly 90° off the slope. This is most likely the slope you are on.
  5. Gauge how steep the slope is, if it is a steep slope you are on then you should see contour lines close together else they will be further apart.
  6. Look at the slope for any features you can relate to on the map such as dips and rises in the slope.
  7. If you have an altimeter then getting your altitude can be really helpful to pinpointing your location on the slope.

Using all this information you should have a pretty good idea of where you are on the map.

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