You can where whatever you like under your outerwear but there are advantages to wearing proper kit. I am going to go through some good options that you can wear to keep you warm and dry. In all honesty I am quite often up the mountain in a t-shirt under my jacket, but the amount of times I have done that and the weather turn bad with me ending up wet and cold by the end of the day, I can tell you its worth wearing proper kit.

Did you know that cotton wicks away heat 30x quicker when wet. This means that if you wear a cotton T-shirt and it gets wet, either from snow or sweat, then you will get colder 30x quicker than if you were dry, this does not take into account any wind chill factor.

Base Layer

A base layer is designed to fit close to the skin to both trap warm air and to wick away any moisture from the skin therefore keeping you warm and dry during activity. There are several types you can choose from that are made from different materials and perform differently under different conditions. Here are the three main types:

Synthetic base layers are generally made from polyester based materials. They are cheap, lightweight, high wicking and machine washable. The disadvantage is that they are not as warm as other options.

Merino Wool base layers are more expensive than their synthetic counterparts but they offer a wide range of benefits. They are warmer than synthetic, trapping more heat, they perform better when wet(if you get snow up your jacket). They are also nice and soft making them really comfy, plus with their natural UV and antibacterial properties they are a great choice for all conditions on the mountain. The only disadvantage is that they don’t wick moisture as well as synthetic garments.

Bamboo base layers are becoming more popular, They are not too expensive and can be great for people who have sensitive skin and find wool irritating. They are also quick drying, contain anti-bacterial properties and are eco-friendly.


There is not much I can say about hats, you should be wearing a helmet really. If you are crazy enough not to or you want to keep you head warmer then go get yourself a nice looking hat.

Did you know that you lose 2/3 of your body head from your head?


Socks seem like a non important entity but i cant tell you how annoying it is to have bad socks when riding. So much pressure goes through your feet and boots it is worth getting a well fitted sock that won’t crease up or degrade quickly. You don’t have to get the top branded socks but makes sure you spend more than two quid and get yourself a few pairs of fitted shape socks designed for ski/snowboard boots.

Neck warmers

So we have covered ourselves from head to toe, almost, we are missing the face and neck. There are many options for this including the trusted buff.


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