It may sound like a silly question to some but many people have been asking these questions:

Should my Pants/Salopettes go inside or outside the binding highback?

Should my Pants/Salopettes go over or under my binding straps?

The short answer is that it doesn’t matter, i’ll explain why…

When you go up the mountain you will not see everyone doing the same thing because everyone has a preference on how to do things. Many people would argue the point that having your salopettes inside your binding highback adds a another layer between you and the binding which reduces responsiveness. But similarly many would argue that it makes no difference.

Let’s look at the job of the binding – To comfortably secure your boot to your board. 

With this in mind let’s ask those questions again.

Pants inside or outside highback? – Snowboard boots are pretty thick and one layer of waterproof fabric on top of that, will not make a difference to the responsiveness of your binding. This is because the materials isn’t thick and spongy, its thin and dense. The problem lies when you have folds in the material that will ruin the connection between the boot and binding because it will stop parts of the boot from being in contact with the binding.

Pants over or under straps? – Again, the bindings straps are meant to be comfy so having your pants underneath them won’t make any difference. But, once again having creases or folds in your pants will create pressure points that may be uncomfortable under your boots.

See my point?

I have done winter seasons of doing it both ways(unintentionally) and I can honestly say that it makes no difference. The problem only lies when you create pressure points with the material.

So strap in however you want just make sure the extra material on the pants are out the way of the binding, pull it out between the highback and the heel strap.



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