Here in the UK we have an emergency text service. It was originally made back in 2009 for the deaf or hard of hearing but it has proven a very useful service for places where you have little signal as texts require a lot less signal than a call. It’s completely free so if you are in the UK then set it up now before it is too late as it could save your life!

First, register your number, all you have to do is text ‘register’ to 999 off your phone. You will then receive a couple of texts back about the service, once you have read and understood the messages you simply reply with ‘yes’. You will then get a text back confirming your number is registered or if there were any problems. ¬†Once you are registered your number is registered for life however if you change your number you will have to re-register that number.

If you need to text 999 then you should include everything that you would tell someone if you were to speak to someone as is in your emergency procedures.

You should not assume that the message has been received until you receive a message back, a delivery report is not proof it has been received. You should receive a text back within a couple of minutes. After three minutes you should send the text again, repeat until you get a response.

Its free and only takes a couple of minutes so register now!


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