Taking a bearing from a map is the most common way to use a compass and it enables you to walk the right direction between two features on your map. With a bit of practice, it is a quick and easy way to navigate accurately in both good and bad visibility.

It helps to have a steady hand when using the compass so it can often make sense to adopt the Brace Position to ensure you have a firm platform to use a compass from.

  1. Using the edge of the compass as a ruler, and join point A with point B. Make sure that the arrow on the front of the compass is pointing your direction of travel.
  2. Turn the compass bezel so that north on the compass points grid north on the map. The lines on the bottom of the compass should be aligned with the grid lines on your map.
  3. Look at the compass index(the top of the compass) and your angle of travel will be displayed.
  4. Adjust for Magnetic Declination if you wish to walk along this bearing.

Top Tip: Always take a quick guess of the rough angle that you should be expecting off the compass to that you minimise the risk of making a big mistake in your bearing like having an opposite bearing. For instence, if you are travvelling roughly east then you would expect a bearing of somthing between 75° and 105°. It is just another tool to comfirm what you are doing and can save you going very wrong no matter how experienced you are.

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