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Bondringo Walking is the best place to learn to how get into the hills and mountains and keep yourself safe. Our Team is dedicated to helping you explore, we want to help get more people out on foot and help you learn to be safe in the mountains with the knowledge and epuipment you need.

The Mountains are beautiful and there is no better way to take it all in than on foot. Our courses will take you through all you need to get yourself started or improve on your existing skills. Learn to read a map, what kit you need, what to do in an emergancy and more!

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“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

Quote from Sir Edmund Hillary

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New to Navigation?

If you have never been out navigating before or don't really know anything about it. We are here to help. Our courses take you right from the beginning explaining everything about walkingand what you need to learn first. We will take you through the proccess of becoming an accomplished adventurer.

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Save Money

Save money with our courses by combining what you know from previous lessons, build on what you have already learned in your own time. Our whole course is cheaper than one lesson with an group. In fact its FREE!

Bitesized videos

All our courses and tips are seperated into bitesied videos so that you can learn exactly what you want, when you want. Without having to go through everything else to learn what you need.

Learn on the Go

Learn on the go at your own pace. You can check out all our videos, write ups and audio guides where ever you are on your phone, tablet or computer.

Improve your existing technique

If you have experience in navigation then you can use our courses to improve on what you know without having to spend loads of time and money on non specific courses. Use our bitesize tutorials to learn what you need and build on what you have already learned, or focus on one technique.